About Us

Ajyad Veterinary Drug Store

A branch of a huge integrated poultry company called Abdel Al-Qader Ghanem for Agriculture & Trading which was established in 1989.

 Established in 2004.

15 years of professional experience in Feed additives, Veterinary pharmaceuticals, Disinfectant, vaccines.

Considered a leader in the Jordanian Market.

A mix of experienced vets, Knowledgeable engineers and aggressive sales team.

Marketed and distributed national and international products for more than 14 years.


Why Ajyad ?

.Fast growing and thriving company.

.Our unique reputation of honesty, loyalty, trust and high level of customer service.


.Known as fast studied decision making group without any deadly routines and long procedures.

•Our advanced marketing methods and intensive marketing studies.

•Our wide network and strong relationship with existing and potential clients.

•Acting fast & smart with high level of caution to the market’s variables.

•Our strong and aggressive sales team.

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